To Be Rich and Wealthy You Have to "Just Be"

Red Rose in the Summer by Maria PalmaLast month I ordered Raymond Salas' book, Yoga In a Book, and every day I open it up to a random page to get my "message" for the day. Today's thought is:

The voice within your heart is always saying "Just Be".

This inspirational message couldn't have come at a better time as I sit here sneezing and coughing from a cold. It's the first time in about three years that my body has been "out of balance", so to speak. I say "out of balance" instead of "sick" because it's a better description of what happens when you worry too much about life.

As much as I thought I was in balance, I realized that I allowed some negativity to enter my thoughts. I allowed other people's problems to become my problems which caused a great deal of dissonance in my own life. Their thoughts became part of my thoughts. This is why it's so important to surround yourself with positive, abundant, and prosperous thinkers!

Going back to this idea of Just Be-ing, I think about how much many of us are on this race to become rich and wealthy. If only we could "Just Be" and just allow life to unfold the way it's supposed to happen instead of "trying" so hard, then maybe there wouldn't be so many of us who are out of balance.

"...if something is worrying you, take action … but even better, just be in the moment, and live as if now is all there is. Because it is." -- Leo Babauta

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