Wealth, Abundance, and Your Life Purpose

Albert Einstein life quoteWhat would you say your life mission would be? Is it to be rich and famous? Or is it to be peaceful and happy?

Tonight I came across a gem of a blog titled Think Simple. Be Decisive. I really liked this post, "Life on Purpose: 15 Questions to Discover Your Personal Mission".

It made me think about a friend of mine who on the surface looks like she has it all - a husband, a great job, a house in an affluent community, and healthy kids. It's what most women want, right? Well, if you get to really know her you'll discover that her husband doesn't really appreciate the things she does and could really care less about her health. All he wants to see is the $$ being made. His priorities are 1) money 2) money 3) money 4) kids 5) homes and 6) wife.

Money is good, but it's not true wealth. Doing what you love and living a life that feels meaningful - now that's wealth and abundance. That's part of my personal mission. However, your definition of wealth, abundance, and the ultimate goal in life may be different from mine. I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Here's another great article to read: Writing Your Personal Vision/Mission Statement

Wealth Beyond Reason


whatswithinu said...

Maria, thank you for sharing this great reminder that there is more to one's life purpose than just chasing money. Sometimes I think it is all too easy to get caught up in wanting the materistic things that life has to offer (not that wanting and having are bad things, mind you.) However, I am reminded of something I once heard... you can't take the material things with you, the only thing you can take with you is your integrity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning our post. Much appreciated. I gave much needed encouragement to work better. :)

Love & Gratitude,
Think Simple Now.
~ Clarity & Happiness

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