The Consequences of Being Stuck in a Rut

Living the Brain by Derrick T One day my best friend and her daughters wanted to go to McDonald's for lunch. My friend said that we were going to the McD's that was a little further away from the house.

"Why don't we just go to the McDonald's right here?" I asked.

"The girls like to go to the other one. You know how kids are..." she answered.

So I turned to her eldest and asked, "What's wrong with the McD's here? Why do you like the other one?"

She shrugged her shoulders and answered, "I don't know."

I then went on to explain to her that it was good to try something new everyday because you never know what you'll discover. There might be better things out there you would have never known about if you didn't go out and explore.

Many people get caught in a life rut which is actually detrimental to their mental health. I just read an article where Norman Doidge, author of The Brain That Changes Itself, says that as we get older we stop challenging ourselves, and consequently, our brain starts to slow down.

This is partly the reason why many of us get caught in a money rut or any other type of rut in life. People are not challenging themselves to try something new - like a new job, a new route to work, a new haircut, or even a new business. We're comfortable with what is familiar. Some people would rather live paycheck to paycheck than find a higher paying position doing work they love.

When you're stuck in a rut you become blind to any signs or opportunities that may come your way. You become like those horses with those patches over their eyes and become focused on where you think you have to go instead of seeing anything else going on around you.

So, have you tried anything new lately? Are you challenging yourself today? Well, it's time to live consciously!
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Prosperity-Coach said...

My kids like McD, also -- any ole one will do the job for a quick fix.

Drive a different way everyday!

Life is the virtual reality game!

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