Thinking Differently in 2008

THINK by Stig NygaardIn my blog readings today, serendipity led me to discover Chris Bailey's blog, Bailey Workplay, where Chris shares some thoughts about thinking differently.

In 2008, what can you do to think differently about your life? About money? About prosperity and abundance? Is there any "old baggage" that you need to get rid of so that your mind is clear to accept better ideas about how to live better?

And speaking of thinking different, I've started a new blog...Gather the kids around because this is for them ;) Check it out: Lex the Blogging Dog.

Photo Credit: Stig Nygaard

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workplay said...

Hi Maria, glad that your tumble down the blogging rabbit hole led to me (btw, there's just a certain kind of magic that comes with serendipity). It's absolutely incredible as to how much power is contained within a simple thought. Hope to see you at WorkPlay again soon.

Prosperity-Coach said...

New Year Resolutions

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