Creating and Feeling Abundance

Abundance Photo
A couple months ago I took a trip to Las Vegas for the BlogWorld Expo. It was a great experience and I met so many people. I even bumped into bloggers like Liz Strauss whose blog I've been reading for quite some time. I also attended a Zappos party where I met and briefly spoke to Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway. Now I'm a subscriber to Suzie's blog and have been reading about her own abundance journey.

Suzie has a blog post titled Abundance is a Feeling which is a great read. What has really helped me get to that realm of feeling abundant is looking at my vision board every day. I put my vision board on the wall in front of my treadmill so that I can look at it while I'm exercising. Exercise always produces good vibes for me, so when I look at my vision board while I'm exercising, it adds even more good energy to my thoughts and goals.

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