How the Law of Attraction Actually Works

In the movie, The Secret, we learned that visualization is a tool that can help manifest anything that we want in life. There have been many arguments for and against the ideas outlined in The Secret, however I've come to find that most people can attest that these techniques do indeed work. For the record, I am one of those people that do believe in the Law of Attraction.

However, Mark Silver has an interesting post in which he basically says that visualization techniques don't work in achieving goals and success in life:
"As our little ego selves we simply don’t have the spiritual power to rearrange the Reality around us. We can receive Presence, we can express it, we can transmit it, but we can’t create..."
In response to Mark's post, Jenn Givler says that visualization is only one piece to the puzzle. I completely agree. In my own experience of achieving success in my life, I have found that not only do you need to visualize, you must:
This is how the Law of Attraction actually works. You just don't visualize and then sit around all day doing nothing. If an idea comes to you on an action to take to achieve a goal, you take that action and act as if that goal has already been achieved - because that goal is there for you to claim. You also shouldn't work so hard to achieve that goal. It's not a matter of whether or not you will achieve success, it's having the belief that you are already a success. All you have to do is enjoy the journey!

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Sherer said...

Great post

susanchap21 said...

Very good post. Dr. Judith Orloff has written a good book integrating the Law of Attraction called Positive Energy which describes ten ways to boost energy, combat negativity, improve relationships and create abundance. It definitely takes more than just visualization to get what we want in life.

Nick said...

Visualization definitely works. Mark Silver commented on our small ability to change a large reality. What he missed was that visualization changes your perception of reality and how you behave in it.

There are a few incredible success stories using visualization mentioned in this discussion post about vision boards over at The Ultimate Vision Board.

Check out the neat online vision board maker while you're there.

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