One of Fastest Ways to Attract Abundance

What's one of the fastest ways to attract abundance into your life? Give back to the community!

A few years ago I organized a fundraiser for a local school called the Monarch School based in downtown San Diego. I gathered a bunch of artists together and we had an art auction at a gallery. It was my first time doing something like this. Handing over that check to the school administrator created such good vibes for me knowing that I helped to make a difference in someone's education.

I've heard and read many people say that you have to give away what you want more of in your life. So, if you want more money in your life, give money away! I can certainly attest to this advice. The time I was working on that fundraiser was the beginning of my abundance journey. So many more doors of opportunity opened up for me and abundance has continued to flow to me ever since!

It's nice to see that there are websites like Shoutback that allow you to collaborate with groups and organize online fundraisers. I think this would be a simpler way to do a fundraiser. Individuals can also sell items to benefit whatever cause you support. Plus, there's an auction system in place to make it easy for you. I'm considering doing another auction - if anyone would like to help out, let me know!

What have you done lately to give back? What methods have you used to attract abundance into your own life?

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