One of the Keys to Success in Life

In my earlier years as a "professional artist" I learned the concept of detachment from the work that I do. My computer had crashed which contained hundreds of photos, art work, and graphics that I used to create portfolios to show to clients. Not to mention that computer also had many of the articles and business plans that I've written. For some reason I never thought to backup any of those files. I was pretty bummed at first, but after much thought I realized that I have so much more creative energy within me. In retrospect I see that it was a chance to make room for more of that creativity to flow back into my life. It was back to the drawing board...

As I read Leo Babauta's post and all the comments about open source blogging I was reminded of something I had read in one of Wayne Dyer's books. Dyer talked about this idea of detachment and how he can't really take credit for what he's written. He said that all those words flow through him from Source - Source being "God", "The Universe", "Buddha", or whatever name you prefer to use.

Many proponents of the Law of Attraction also talk about the Law of Detachment which is one of the many spiritual laws of The Universe. In order to manifest what you want from life, you have to be detached from the outcome. We can apply this Law of Detachment in practically everything in our life - including the work that we do. It's not really our work to begin with. It's simply God's work and ideas flowing through us. If you need help with this, here's a list of affirmations you can use to apply this Law of Detachment into your life.

And that, my friends, is one of the keys to success in life. Have you been using the Law of Detachment in your life?

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Alex Liu said...

I love the post.

Joe Vitale also mentioned in his books and videos. One of the step to practice law of attraction is to give up all your attachment.

Intention can help people achiev what they want. Create intention and not attachment.

Alex Liu
"Wealth comes as a result of Generously Contributing and Allowing Other to do the same to you, not Giving with the expectation of Taking!"

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