User-Generated Content: Attract Fame and Fortune!

As an entrepreneur my mind is constantly thinking about ways to generate income. This focus on income generating ideas has accounted for the multiple streams of income that flows into my life today. In my mind it is really easy to make money nowadays with the internet. We are in the information age and I always encourage people to share their personal stories of achievement - whether it's documenting their life through a blog, writing an ebook, or even creating videos. Remember that you are the Creator of your life and if you so choose you can create products based on your life story and sell them on the internet! Or how about getting a record, TV, or book deal because someone discovered your website or web page?

Today I was explaining to my business partner how there has been a substantial rise in user-generated content such as videos. All of us are now citizen journalists sharing life experiences and voicing opinions on what's happening in the world today. Stars are discovered everyday through videos, blogs, or even MySpace pages. The possibilities are endless!

What I like about user-generated content is that sometimes you get to peek into the lives of "real" people who share the same values or philosophies as you. So much better than "reality TV". My favorite types of videos are the wealth affirmation videos that I've shared here before. However, watching my best friend's niece dance always raises my vibes...

Have you visualized having your own 15 minutes (or years!) of fame? I learned about this website called YawpBox that allows you to create footage for large audiences. You can even participate in what they call the "Lex & Terry Challenge" where you are given the opportunity to create a video on a specific topic. I had the idea to create a "MTV Cribs" type of video where I would pretend that I already have my dream home and would give people a "tour" of the home ;)

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