Discovering Your Inner Artist and Passion in Life

After 9/11 hit New York I was at odds about what I wanted to do with my life. I had just started working in the travel industry and wanted that glamorous life of being able to travel the world.

"What do I do now?" was the question that went through my mind after I was laid off from my job. I knew that I loved kids, so I decided to try preschool teaching for awhile. That was fun, but what I discovered really enjoyed was creating art with the kids. Well, the art part was really fun...working with kids was quite the challenge!

Well, next thing you know I'm taking painting classes at the local community college and reigniting my love for art. Van Gogh and Monet's oil paintings became inspiration for my own works of art.

And the rest is history!

In retrospect I realize that I was able to turn something utterly tragic into something positive and meaningful. I was able to discover my own passion and purpose in life despite all the chaos that was happening at the time (and unfortunately, is still going on!)

So, what about you? Have you discovered your own inner artist? Are you creating the life that you want? Do you have the ability to turn negative into positive?

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