The Oprah Show: Louise Hay, Martha Beck, and Cheryl Richardson Talk About the Law of Attraction

Today's Oprah show was truly inspiring! A woman whom I have admired for quite some time now, Louise Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing and author of Heal Your Life, was on the show along with Martha Beck and Cheryl Richardson to talk about The Law of Attraction and creating a better life for yourself.

For those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I fully believe in the Law of Attraction and how thoughts do become things. I've shared with you my vision board and the books that have helped on my own journey to a life of abundance, happiness, and purpose. So watching the Oprah show today was more reinforcement that I am truly living an inspired life.

However, as some of you may know, it hasn't always been like this for me. I've had to go through destructive relationships and major depression to get where I am today. I do believe that positive thinking and affirmations are key tools in starting your own abundant journey. It definitely worked for me!

Here's the movie trailer for Louise Hay's new movie based on her book...

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inkee said...

I watched this show repeat
dec. 2, and could not get to the pencil and pad quick enough to right down an affirmation from Louise Hay. It was a couple sentences and was about the universe wanting the best for you. could you help me with that quote? thanks you.

Maria said...

@inkee: I tried a search to see if I could find that quote, but nothing came up. I'll let you know if I do come across it!

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