The Source of Life and Abundance

Awhile ago a friend of mine gave me this little magazine called "Daily Word". Every day you read a couple paragraphs of inspiration. The magazine is published by Silent Unity and I wanted to share a page with you...

God is the way and my source of life and abundance.

Our prayers create a bridge of faith that we cross over to heal physical or emotional hurt. We can heal even when there seems to be no way for us to experience health of mind and body.

We move from pain to relief, from anger to forgiveness through the sacred activity of prayer. In prayer we affirm healing of our bodies and our relationships. Believing in God and healing, we affirm the healing and express the healing that is the very core of God's plan of our creation.

Through prayer we build a bridge over troubles and challenges. We make a conscious connection to the power and presence of God within us and every situation. God is the way and our source of life and abundance.

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