The Journey Inward: A Book Review of "High Way From Hell" by Moonstone Star White

High Way From Hell by Moonstone Star WhiteIt was almost ten years ago that I was "awakened" to discover the real me. As I continue on this spiritual journey many books have been laid out on the path for me. Recently a book titled High Way from Hell: Using Emotion to Fan the Fire of Enlightment by Moonstone Star White came my way which led me on an adventure deeper into my spirit.

Like many self-help books I've read, this books talks about being in the now, the law of attraction, releasing yourself from judgment, and being in touch with your feelings. However, this book gave me the exercises I needed to dig deep into my subconscious and pull out all the guck and ickiness that was buried. My body literally went into shock and I was in bed sick for three days while I was reading this book. To me that was a sign that the book was helping me heal all those negative emotions that I had suppressed for so many years - feelings I thought I had gotten rid of.

The big takeaway from this book is that the path to enlightenment begins with you and Moonstone Star White has an uncanny way of guiding you to the real you. Here's an excerpt from one of the chapters titled "Finding Your Niche in a World with One Mission" that sums up this book for me:
"Personal growth and spiritual healing is the first and most important step anyone can take toward healing the problems of the world. It begins by examining, without judging and in an impeccably honest way, the contents of your own heart. You must know yourself deeply and profoundly. From there it is a matter of seeing opportunities to help others as the opportunities present themselves and as you are able to act on them. This is the seed of the mission each person is born into the world with. The path to personal growth and fulfillments is the only path that truly helps others in anything more than a superficial way. Paradoxically and in a symbiotic way, only by helping others can we find lasting peace and fulfillment, but the journey inward must come first."
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