Manifesting What You Want in Life: Is Your Vision Clear?

This past week the word “vision” came up in many of my blog readings. I believe it started with the discovery of the Visionary Blogging blog that Easton Ellsworth recently started - who is, by the way, my editor over at Know More Media. I also asked my customer service blog readers the question, "What’s Your Vision?" And I do recall writing about having a vision over at my online business blog.

Of course, being in the now and focusing on what’s going on at this very moment is the cornerstone of a happy and fulfilling life, but I also believe that we should look to the future once in awhile and envision where we’d like to be. After all, we create these vision boards for a reason. These boards are our vision for what we want to manifest in the future, right?

When I’m laying in bed at night, I visualize myself walking into my multi-million dollar mansion…Huge windows provide views of grassy hills and the ocean in the near distance.
Every time I have this vision, I feel this surge of giddiness - as if I already have it!

If there’s anything I’ve learned about manifesting your desires, it’s that you have to have a clear vision of what you want, but just as important as having a clear vision is putting those good vibes and energy into it. Happiness is the key to success! It’s not the other way around…


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Are you a visionary? Are you being crystal clear about what you want in life? Let me give you an example of what I mean by this…

One day I was cleaning the house and I was saying this affirmation to myself:

“I attract a large amount of money now…”

I said this to myself over and over for about thirty minutes. Well, about an hour later I get a call from my brother…

“Hey, my jacket I left there has about $700 in the breast pocket. Can you take out the money and set it aside in a safe place?” he asks.

“Ok, sure…” I said. I hung up and thought Wow, I did attract that money, but it’s not mine!

See what I mean? I should have been more specific and detailed about what I wanted. Perhaps a better affirmation would have been:

“A large amount of money is mine now…”

See the difference?

The next time you’re visualizing what you want, see every little detail. Get that crystal clear vision! If it’s a new job that you want, picture everything from what clothes you’re wearing at your new job to what your desk would look like…Even think about what type of pen you’ll be writing

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Easton Ellsworth said...

Great post, Maria! Vision is so important for someone working online - it's just too easy to get distracted and lose focus without a clear sense of purpose and potential.

Maria Palma said...

Thanks, Easton ;) Yes, it's very easy to get distracted - especially when there's so much information on the internet to absorb and people are constantly telling us what we should do...

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