“We’re Not Passengers, We’re Drivers!”

Drive-Through photo by Nicholas T @ Flickr
This is what the little boy said to his father during a discussion about the train ride we were on the other day. The boisterous boy elicited smiles from all the passengers sitting nearby, myself included. The boy had a point, however…

In the game of life we are not passengers just going along for the ride. We are the drivers…the Creators who use creative visualization to reach our destinations. We decide where we want to go and we decide where we want to turn or make a pit stop.

If we stay focused on our destination, we usually get there quicker than if we take detours - detours meaning we’re indecisive about where we want to go. However, that doesn’t mean we should be in a hurry to get to that destination. Sometimes, it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy the scenery, as I did the other day on the train ride up the coast. And if you are one of those drivers who likes to take in the scenery, make sure to get in the right lane, ok?

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Photo Credit: Nicholas T

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