Gratitude = Happiness

Shower on Flickr by tanakawhoWhen was the last time you gave thanks for what you have? Did you know that with gratitude, fear disappears?

This morning I got out of the shower feeling so renewed and refreshed. Thank you, God, for the water to take a shower! I said to myself. I immediately thought of all the other people in the world who have to walk miles just to get a gallon of water to cook with. I was also reminded of the last time I visited my grandmother in the Philippines and had to pump water from the well to take a bath. Actually, it wasn't even the kind of bath that we're all too familiar with here in the U.S. I would have to crouch down and pour cold water on my body out of a metal tub which I could barely see because there was no light in the bathroom.

Are you realizing now just how abundant your life is?

Tonight on The Daily Show with John Stewart they talked about the rising cost of gas prices (so what's new?!?) and it made me think about what I learned in the movie, The Secret: "What you think about expands". Could it be that collectively we are making this problem bigger by continuously talking about it? What if for just one day nobody talked about gas prices and we were just grateful that we have cars that can take us places?

In the spirit of practicing gratitude, here are 3 things that I am grateful for today:
  • Babysitting my neighbor's baby and practicing diaper changing ;)
  • The birthday gift cards I received from family and friends
  • The flowers in the garden that remind me that beauty is everywhere
When you are grateful for the things you have, you can't help but be happy! Gratitude is the cure for the blues ;)

Photo Credit: Tanakawho

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rockandrollguru said...

I find that when I spend a couple minutes thinking about what I'm truly grateful for before getting out of bed in the morning, I begin the day in a state of happiness that sets the tone for my day. And it's not just ticking off a list, but really feeling grateful for the people and things in my life.

Maria Palma said...

Hi Joe "RockandRollGuru",

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I agree, you really have to feel that gratitude within you.

Leave The Office said...

Hi Maria,
Your post is a great way for me to finish my day as I prepare for bed.
Thank you.

I am feeling particularly greatfeul today for being in my current situation, about to embark on a new life and grateful for the confidence I have in doing it.

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