The Steps to Happiness Series: Being Aware of Your Body

Last week I talked briefly about Deepak Chopra's "Happiness Prescription" and said that I would go into details about the 10 steps to happiness. This is the first post in a series of posts in which I'll be talking about walking the path to happiness. Today I'm going to focus on one of those steps which is being aware of your body...

Welcome into BeautyWhen it comes to your body, Deepak Chopra said this in an interview with Veronica Hay:

"...the body is the end product of intelligence and how that intelligence shapes your reality will shape the reality of the body. The body is a field of ideas and it is a field of interpretations and when you change your experience of your own identity to a spiritual being, the body expresses the physical manifestation of that spiritual reality."

Your body is just a storage for your soul and energy. The way your body looks is also a reflection of your thoughts and self-esteem. If you look at many people who have negative thoughts and low self-worth, you'll see it in their skin and their body language. The words you say, the thoughts that run through your mind, and the things you eat affect how your physical body.

That said, there are many people who believe that their body is their identity. You'll see this in people who are constantly under-going plastic surgery or they're obsessed with how they look all the time - checking their appearance every five minutes in the mirror. This isn't a healthy state of mind to be in. People who identify with their looks are constantly comparing themselves to other people and always thinking that they're getting old.

Did you know that just by simply changing your thoughts and perceptions, you could literally change the chemical makeup of your body? You could literally think yourself thin or appear to be 25 when you're really 40? Your thoughts send out messages to every cell in your body and those cells act according to those messages. In other words, there is this mind-body connection going on constantly.

Are you aware of your body?

Next time I'll be talking about living in the present moment...Stay tuned! In the meantime, if you haven't done so already, I invite you to visit my Squidoo lens which has tips on finding happiness.

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