Step #5 to Happiness: Getting Rid of Negative Emotions

'Guitar Man' flickr photo by Rebecca SearleWell, we're halfway through the Steps to Happiness Series that I started last month! Step #5 is:

Get rid of toxic emotions such as anger, regrets, and guilt

Getting rid of negative emotions is very important if you truly want to experience happiness and bliss. Of course, it's much easier said than done. I used to think that these emotions were part of our lives and we just had to accept that we would be angry, regretful, or guilty at one time or another. However, I realize now that it doesn't have to be this way. We can go through life and not have these kind of emotions. I believe that we were born in bliss, but it's our environment that changes us and teaches us these other kinds of emotions. This is often referred to in psychology studies as the "nature vs nurture" debate.

There has to be a conscious decision to not feel these kind of negative emotions in order for them to go away. That's not to say that we should suppress these emotions when they do manifest themselves. That would make the emotions just grow bigger inside us. What I learned from reading Highway to Hell (I reviewed it here) is to just let these emotions run their course. Acknowledge these emotions and be aware that you're feeling them, but after that just let...them...go.... like clouds passing you in the sky. I like what Moonstone Star White says in her book:
"Hatred is a potpourri of our harshest judgments and most rejected feelings. In seeking the release that doesn't come these feelings compress and harden, distorting perceptions and twisting in upon themselves until they become menacing and unwholesome. Discover the message that hate has for you and you will get in touch with your deepest insecurities..."
You Always Have a Choice

Whenever I start to feel any negative emotions, I stop and tell myself, "I choose to be happy." Sometimes I have to repeat this over and over until those negative emotions dissipate, but just saying those words reminds me that yes, I can always choose to be happy. Situations, people, or circumstances do not "make you" feel these negative emotions. We often blame others for our unhappiness not realizing that we have the ability to snap out of that unhappiness just by making a conscious choice to be happy.

How do you deal with negative emotions?

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Photo Credit: Rebecca Searle


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