Step #6 in the 10 Steps to Happiness Series: Have Total Knowledge of Yourself

As we continue with the 10 Steps to Happiness series, we arrive at step #6:

Have total knowledge of yourself

Enter the RoseTotal knowledge of yourself means several things to me:
  • Knowing your strengths and your “challenges”. Some people use the word weakness. I like to call them “challenges”.
  • Embracing those challenges for what they are and accepting every aspect of your spirit.
  • Discovering what brings meaning to your life. Allowing yourself to take risks in life so that you can discover that meaning.
  • Doing what you love and doing it with great awareness of your spirit and soul.
  • Being aware of your thoughts and realizing that theses thoughts are attracting the experiences of your life.
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Lance said...

Good stuff Maria! I really like the idea of looking at weaknesses as challenges instead.

Maria Palma said...

Hi Lance,

"Weakness" is somewhat of a vulgar word to me. Weak makes you sound incompetent - when actually, you're just not wired to do certain things.

Thanks for dropping by!

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