Step #7 In the Happiness Series: Don't Judge Yourself and Others

In the Steps to Happiness Series, we’ve reached Step #7: Don’t judge yourself and others…

Have you ever looked at a person and not judged them? If you’re like many people, probably not. We meet someone for the first time and within 30 seconds we’ve already made assumptions about them from the way they’re dressed to the way they talk.

The media perpetuates these constant judgments we make about other people - especially those magazines that have built their business around stalking celebrities and documenting their every move. Britney Spears knows what I’m talking about.

Have you ever wondered what exactly the benefit was of making judgments about other people? For many people it’s an ego thing. They want to appear to be “superior” than the person they are judging. There have been plenty of times in my life that I have judged someone, but as it turned out, I was completely wrong about the person. You never really know anybody until you’ve had a chance to really talk to them and see where they’re coming from. And even then, you still don’t judge them.

What’s More Poisonous Than Judging Others?

I could go on an on about how we shouldn’t judge other people, but one of the reasons why many of us lead unhappy lives is because we’re constantly judging ourselves. The judgments we make on ourselves are probably more poisonous than the judgments we make on others.

Think about the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror. What were the thoughts going through your mind? You may not even be aware that you’re judging yourself. “Oh, I look so fat…I wish my eyebrows were thicker…” (Conversations I’ve had with myself in the past!)

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