Everything Is a Mindset

Money & AbundanceAre you wondering why you still haven't attracted money or abundance? It's probably because you you haven't been working on changing your mindset. David Cameron Gikandi, the mastermind behind the Wealth Fundamentals Pack, says:
Horizons are a mindset. Poverty is a mindset. Wealth is a mindset. Happiness is a mindset. Depression is a mindset. Health is a mindset. Dis-ease is a mindset. It is all a mindset, with its accompanying emotions. The secret is that the mind is limitless, so you truly have no limits except those that you have accepted as real.
Don't get frustrated and think that what you're doing right now to attract abundance isn't working just because whatever you want to attract isn't showing up instantly. For some people, building a positive mindset takes time.

When you choose to become positive, you will become positive. Make the decision to have a mindset of abundance and happiness. Write it down as a goal and look at that goal every day. After 30 days of doing that, come back to this post and let me know how your life has changed ;)

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