No Such Thing As Mistakes

I often look back at my life and wonder "What if?" I'm sure we've all wondered that. What if I had continued on and gotten my Master's? What if I had broken up with that guy two years earlier? What if I had not blown all that money I had back in 1992 and bought a house instead?

These are questions that go through my mind once in awhile. And although most people would view them as mistakes, I actually don't. I have no regrets. I own up to the fact that I made the choices that I did and I lived with them. I also know that everything is a learning process and that what we may think are "mistakes" are just blessings in disguise.

As Kammie Kobyleski said in her post, Make More Pretty Little Mistakes - I Dare You:

"Our western culture gets so hung up about not making mistakes. Being “perfect” (whatever that is) has become another addiction. Another source of anxiety and stress. The latest form of self-abuse."

In the past few months my step-mom has lost things - a couple cell phones and her wallet. I talked to her the other day and she asks me, "What's wrong with me?" She looked at these situations as big mistakes.

Well, cell phones and ID cards are completely replaceable, so I had to remind her of that because she was really stressing out about the whole thing. It's not like she lost a child! However, I told her that maybe it was sign that she was "thinking" too much and not focusing on the present moment. Maybe she just needed to slow down...

I hope this post will inspire you to just live and stop focusing on all your "mistakes". Besides, that puts you in a negative state of mind and what you think about you'll continue to attract in your life!

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RobC said...

Hi Maria...
Yes this is an important realization to have.

I too have looked at the past and said "what if", but if you look at that in a regetful way you are focusing on what you don't want and it should come as no surprise that you will not attract or be attracted to outcomes that you want if that is the case!
The day before I emmigrated and voiced a little trepidation, my grandmother said to me "Those that never made a mistake, never made anything", a way of saying mistakes are just another "thing" that life is made of. i.e. normal and necessary and of course are only mistakes if you choose to give them that label.
It inspired me to write a song actually.

Keep up the writing Maria.

Maria Palma said...

Hi Rob,

I'm glad that this post inspired a song ;) Anything to help with the creative process...

I really like that quote from your grandmother that you shared!

Kammie said...

Hey Maria,

Just saw that you link-loved me! Thanks so much. Happy the post resonated with you. I agree with you in looking at supposed misakes as learning experiences and places to grow from. Thanks for always keeping it real Maria!


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