Meditation: How to Get Yourself In a Quieter State of Mind

Discover Bliss With MeditationTime and time again I've talked about meditation and how it plays an important role in manifesting the life you desire. Meditation is something that, at first, didn't come easily for me. When I first started meditating I would sit there and my mind would not remain quiet. I'd would think one thought which would lead to another thought and next thing you know I was more stressed than when I first sat down to start meditating! This seems to be a common issue for people who first start meditating, so I'd like to share a few techniques I used when I first started out - and actually still use today - to get myself in a quieter state of mind.

Focus on your breathing. This is the first thing I did when I first started the practice of meditation. I would get my mind to focus on my breathing. You know how people count sheep at night in order to fall asleep? I would count my breaths until I felt myself become more relaxed.

Repeat the sound, "Om". This is something I learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer from his book, Getting in the Gap. It is my belief that the mantra Om symbolizes the vibration of God. It's my way of "tuning in" to The Universe. Read more about the mantra Om and it's deeper meanings.

Listen to guided meditations. Sometimes I'll go to YouTube and watch videos with audio meditations or I'll listen to a relaxation CD or guided meditations.

I feel that there is no right or wrong way to meditate. For some people meditation could mean just laying in a comfortable position and listening to relaxing music or going for a long walk along the beach. For others, a form of meditation could be cleaning the house. Whatever technique you use to meditate - it doesn't matter - as long as you're in the moment, relaxed, and at peace ;)

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