Attract Abundance Fast

Yosemite WaterfallWhen it comes to attracting the things you desire in life, do you feel as if you aren’t getting anywhere? You’ve been visualizing and saying affirmations, but you keep attracting negative circumstances? I know how you feel because I’ve been there and sometimes I find myself getting caught up in old ways of thinking that hinder me from manifesting what I want.

One thing I’ve learned is to not try so hard…just allow the abundance to flow to you!

I used to think that I had to work hard, I mean, really hard to get anywhere in life. After an 8-hour day working for someone else, I would come home and get on the computer to work another 4-5 hours on my own business. I really pushed myself to the limit as far as energy was concerned. And no matter how hard I worked, I didn’t really seem to get anywhere in terms of a better lifestyle.

Feel Abundance!

As I continue on this path of abundance, in retrospect I realize that even though I worked hard, I wasn’t putting myself in that feeling and mindset of abundance. I was still stuck in a mindset of lack and I worried constantly about how to get my bills paid on time. I worried about how I could make enough money.

To this day sometimes I catch myself going back to those old ways of thinking. Overcoming these thought patterns is almost like trying to quit smoking or drinking! Negative thinking is an addiction and it takes a combination of persistence and willingness to change. However, I’ve gotten much, much better at monitoring my thoughts and feelings, therefore abundance flows much easier to me now. If I’m not feeling “in tune” with the positive energy of The Universe, I stop and take a few deep breaths. Then I start to put myself into a place of feeling good…knowing that I am already living the life of my dreams!

Know that you, too, are on the path of abundance and that all good things will flow to you. Know this with all your heart and soul! Feel it in your blood…Feel it in your bones! Then keep on feeling that bliss no matter what!

Align Your Vibrations with Abundance

I like to listen to or watch Esther Hicks talk about how you can align your feelings and vibrations with what you want to attract. Here is a video excerpt from Money and the Law of Attraction that is sure to inspire you!

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Home Based Angell said...

Thank you for this inspiring post. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in negative ways of thinking. Reading this was a good reminder for me! Sheri

Maria Palma said...

Hi Sheri,

I'm happy that you were inspired! One of the things I'm working on is being more aware of my thoughts - especially the negative ones - so I can stop them immediately and replace them with good, positive thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by!

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