Book Review: "Navigating For Success" by Moss A. Jackson

Navigating For Success Book CoverIn my studies of successful people, I've come to understand how people become successful and what characteristics define them. Success is such a subjective word with different meanings. Your definition of success may be different from mine. For the sake of this article, we'll say that "success" is a being in a state of achieving your goals and desires in life.

I recently finished reading a book titled Navigating for Success by Moss A. Jackson, Ph.D. I've read many self-help books relating to the topics of achieving goals and success, however, this book is a little different from many that I've read. Most books I've read in the past have dealt with success from a spiritual standpoint, but Navigating For Success is more of a step-by-step guide that contains bullet-point action based steps that the reader can follow in order to achieve success.

The Three Paths in Life

In the first part of the book the author says that people take one of three paths in life:
  • Survivors - These are people who fight and struggle through life. Sometimes they achieve their goals, but they usually feel in control of their lives
  • Victims - These are people who blame others for their misfortunes. They drift through life wallowing in self-pity and feel powerless.
  • Navigators - People who are focused on goals and blaze their own trail to achieve their goals
Finding Your Passions in Life

Chapters 5 and 6, my favorite chapters, deal with identifying what your passions are and integrating those passions into your goals and life mission. Too often people skip this part of their life and choose to do what other people (mainly parents or their spouse) want them to do. Then there are people who want to play it safe by getting a job doing something don't want to do because they don't believe that they can make any doing what they really want to do. They believe in the "steady" and "stable" paycheck even though the current economy proves otherwise. There is no such thing as a steady or stable paycheck!

Some of the other topics in Navigating for Success include:
  • Developing your personal and inner strength
  • Navigating your success map
  • Listening and communication
  • How to manage obstacles in life
  • How to develop partnerships or teams of people who support each other
Did I Like the Book?

Overall, yes, I did like the book! The author wrote the book in a conversational style that lends itself to an easy read. The author also offered concrete examples to illustrate his points which I like. It's a great book for people who are tired of wondering why they're not getting anywhere in life or for people like me who need reminders of what it takes to succeed in life. We all need reminders now and then, eh?

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