One Way to Build Your Wealth Portfolio

Have you ever thought about creating a website or building an internet business, but you feel that you just don't have the time to do it?

I've mentioned here before that having an internet business is one way to attract money and create abundance. Some of you long-time readers know that I have several websites and tons of blogs that produce passive income for me. Making money on the internet is something that I'm fascinated with and I've learned about all the different ways that I could go about creating multiple streams of income.

You could do it too!

And now I'm offering you an opportunity to do just that.

If you have an interest in The Law of Attraction or you want to share your knowledge about how to attract money, then you'll love this Squidoo lens that I currently have for sale: "How to Attract Money".

For further details about this opportunity, check out the auction page at eBay.

What's So Fascinating About An Internet Business?

I always encourage people to start an internet business because:
  • You can work from home (or anywhere around the world!) and be your own boss. This was one of the main reasons why I started my own business.
  • It doesn't cost very much to build and maintain a website. I started with $8.95 for web hosting! There are many tutorials on the internet about creating websites. However, you can also create a website through a blogging platform and essentially start a business for free.
  • The potential to make a huge amount of money is endless with minimal effort.
  • You can wake up whenever you want to...which is something I enjoy doing everyday :)
  • I can write off many of my expenses such as the internet, computer, phone, etc.
You can find out more inspiration about building and maintaining an internet business at one of my blog, Online Business Resources.

Attract money now by buying the "How to Attract Money" Squidoo lens!

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Ellen Weber said...

Much to think about here and thanks Maria! One has to be ready for changes daily in such a venture -- but that can be especially good for the human brain! You model it well!

Maria Palma said...

Hi Ellen,

I think change is certainly good for the brain. When you undergo a challenge - like starting a business - it opens your mind up to all kinds of possibilities!

Thanks for stopping by!

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