The Vision Lounge: Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

image eBookAwhile back I shared with you the different ways you can create a virtual vision board and I also gave you glimpse of my own personal vision board.

I'm always inspired when I see other people's vision board. It something about that creative energy that fuels my own creative juices!

Well, I just recently found out that there is a new online community called the Vision Lounge which was started by the same company that created the OrangePeel Vision Boards. Within this community are tons of resources, including a free ebook that you can download which I assume has inspiration to get you started with creating your own vision board. I just downloaded the book and will post a review soon.

What I like about the Vision Lounge is that there are different groups that you can join to connect with other people with the same interests. There are groups for entrepreneurs, groups for people interested in the Law of Attraction, and more. It's always good to be surrounded and supported by other people who radiate that same positive energy!

Join the Vision Lounge and share your vision with others!

See you there!

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