Tai Chi and Meditation For Spiritual Health and Well-Being

Meditation plays a very important role in our spiritual health and well-being. In previous posts I've talked about the different methods of meditating and the ways that I meditate. However, as someone who likes change and variety - even in my mediation techniques - I often come across other ways of meditating.

I used to live right across the street from a community park and would often see this man performing these movements (I later learned that it was Tai Chi). Afterwards I would see him sitting cross-legged and meditating. During this time I was just starting my own spiritual journey and learning about meditation, so watching this ritual was very fascinating to me.

Well, today I came across this Progressive Tai Chi & Meditation website that is owned by Ron Mohl and Michael Ngan in Washington D.C. This is what they say about PTCM:

"PTCM rejuvenates the body and brings profound stillness to the mind through meditation in motion."

The Progressive Tai Chi & Meditation site also has a few helpful articles and downloads. I know many of you will appreciate this article that Ron Mohl wrote: "Positive Self Talk" (pdf download).

If you'd like to learn more about Tai Chi, you may want to check out this series of Tai Chi videos over at Expert Village which will help you with the basics.

Photo Credit: Andean Condor


John Crewdson said...

Nice story. Personally my take on life is that we are all spiritual whether we know it or not. Tai chi is one way to bring us back to that realization.

John Crewdson

Anonymous said...

Have you ever combined meditation with using a vision board. The results are astounding. Check out this video from John Assaraf of the Secret at www.TheVisionBoardKit.com

Maria Palma said...

Hi John,

Thank you stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It is true that we are all spiritual!

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