Paul McCormick's 7-Step Formula For Becoming a Millionaire

Good Vibes Girl Gets Groceries Flickr photo by As you continue this journey to massive wealth and fortunes, you'll come across many people and resources who will be very inspiring. For many of you, it's probably already happening. For those of you who have just started the journey and working on building good vibes, I assure you that you'll get there!

Recently I've become more aware of the good vibrations that have been emanating from my physical body. More and more people and resources are coming into my life that have been helping me and in turn, I'm feeling very, very abundant.

One person who really inspired me this past weekend when I heard him talk during a BlogTalk Radio Show was Paul McCormick.

Paul McCormick didn't grow up with money, but when he was 22 years old he had the opportunity to meet and work with dozens of multi-millionaires, investors and entrepreneurs. He discovered something amazing about these people. They all knew a secret formula to getting rich, but they never spoke about it.

This formula is somewhat similar to Napoleon Hill's formula that was explained in Think and Grow Rich. However, what makes Paul's formula different is that he gives a step-by-step action plan to get from zero to a million.

Financially free in his 30's, Paul walked away from his corporate career and now speaks and writes to help others discover the path to wealth, happiness, and freedom. It's all captured in his latest book, Secrets of the Millionaire Inside - The 7-Step Formula For Becoming A Millionaire.

Paul's mission is to get his book in the hands of 1,000,000 people and I'm here to help him do that! Hopefully we can reach all those people who feel like they've been affected by the current economic climate. This book is about empowerment, knowledge, and manifestation...and it's time for people to know the truth.

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Of course, what's a holiday season without gifts, right? Well, after you purchase the book, you get to claim a huge list of bonuses at the Secrets of the Millionaire Inside website. (You'll enter your purchase info at the bottom of the page).

So are you ready to claim that million that is rightfully yours?

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