Why Am I Not Attracting What I Want?

Quote by Deepak Chopra
Many people wonder why the Law of Attraction isn't working for them in terms of attracting what they want. They visualize and say their affirmations...and yet, they don't attract money or whatever it is that they hope to manifest.

Does this sound like you?

Well, I recommend reading this article, Effortless Detachment - the Missing Key to Conscious Creation. I also really like this 7-minute podcast over at Evolving Times which covers the Law of Attraction and Detachment.

Effortless detachment is something that I have yet to master. I'll create this scenario of what I would like to happen, but instead of just letting it go, I'll keep thinking of this scenario wondering if it will really happen. At that moment that I've asked, "Will it happen?", I have sent out the message that I don't have absolute faith.

Effortless detachment is knowing with absolute certainty that you will get what you want.

What I've discovered is that sometimes what I want comes via a different route than what I had visualized. I'm learning to just let go of how it will come to me. For instance, one of my intentions is to create $5,000 in passive income a month. I had set in my mind that the way to get $5,000 in passive income is to write a couple ebooks and sell them on Clickbank. However, I realized that I was blocking off other ways that the money could come to me. Once I had opened my mind to endless possibilities, I started to discover other ways that I could create that passive income.

One phrase that I've learned to take out of my vocabulary is "I need..." I've come to realize that whenever I say, "I need..." I immediately become stressed. When you say that phrase, you're coming from a state of fear.

Things come much more easily when I just set the intention and then forget about it!

What about you? Are you practicing the Law of Detachment?

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