How to Achieve Your Goals (Commitments) In 2009

jump for joy on Flickr by Christian HabisreutingerThis is the time of year when most people are gung-ho about all the things they want to achieve this year. You want to lose weight, travel more, make more money, or attract a soulmate.

However, from my experience of making goals and achieving them (or not achieving them), I'm learning what must be done in order to attract what I want in my life. Like I said in my previous post, I like to say "commitment" rather than "goal".

You may be wondering what the difference is between the two words. Well, for me, "commitment" has much more oomph behind it. There's a certain kind of positive energy behind that word. You make a commitment rather than just making a goal. When I think of goals, I think of sports.

Committedness: the trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose

So, how do you go about sticking to your commitments this year? Here are a few tips that have worked for me:

Change your mindset
Instead of thinking about losing weight, how about thinking about becoming healthier? When I think about losing weight, many people think about how hard it's going to be, how you have to change the way you eat, and all the hours you have to spend in the gym. Have you had those same thoughts? All those thoughts are enough to make you quit even before you get started!

However, when you change your mindset and start looking at how you can become healthier or have more energy, you focus your energy on a positive habit. This all goes back to staying focused on what you want versus what you don't want. When you're thinking, "I want to lose weight. I want to get rid of my fat", you're actually focusing on that weight.

Likewise, if you want to get out of debt and make more money this year, don't think about "getting out of debt". Instead, think about creating more value in this world and attracting money based on that value you create.

Write it down
There is a great deal of power in the written word. It clarifies and solidifies your commitment.

Every morning I write down a "To Do" list based on my commitments for the year. I look at that list at least a couple times a day to help keep me focused.

Brian Kim has written an excellent article on Why You Should Write Down Your Goals that explains thoroughly why it is important to get into the habit of writing down your commitments.

Visualize every morning when you wake up and at night before you go to bed. Visualize and feel the emotions as if you've already achieved your commitment. I also highly recommend creating a vision board and looking at this vision board on a daily basis.

Be Patient

Whatever you do, be patient and stay positive. We live in a society that wants instant gratification, but many life changes don't occur overnight. Think long-term and celebrate the little achievements that occur from day to day. Too often we look at what we don't accomplish and focus on those things. Take the time to celebrate what you have accomplished!

I really like this video of Eckhart Tolle with Oprah where he talks about achieving goals...

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Boy at Heart said...

Hi Maria,
I posted a song on The Weekly Songcast last week entitled "Write it Down". It's so true about writing down your goals.

I write my goals and my life vision every morning and evening and the results are already remarkable. Just clears my head and allows me to be clear about what I need to do today to move me closer to my goals, one step at a time.
Thanks. Rob

Maria Palma said...

Hi Rob,

I listened to the song! I got chills listening to it (chills in a good way, that is).

I intend to get in the habit of writing down my long-term goals everyday. Thank you for the reminder ;)

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