I Am a Witness! Money Reiki Healing with Amy Flynn

reiki cat on flickrPeople have different techniques to reprogram their mind to think more abundantly. Previously here I've talked about visualization, vision boards, writing down money goals, affirmations, and more.

Recently I've been doing research on energy healing to attract abundance, particularly, Reiki healing.

While spending time on Twitter, I discovered Amy Flynn's website, Wealth ~ Abundance ~ Joy NOW!. Amy offers a free Money Reiki Healing that I signed up for...

On a selected day and time, Amy sends you her energy currents. For me it was on a Thursday night a few weeks ago. I went into a room so I wouldn't be interrupted and just meditated during the time frame Amy specified.

As I laid there on a couch, I could feel this warm energy swirling around in my body. I felt so calm and at peace after the session.

So did this Money Reiki Healing work?

Yes, it did!

A couple days later I started getting emails from past clients I hadn't heard from in awhile asking me to write more content for them. One of the clients even paid me almost double my hourly rate - and I didn't even ask for the raise! I also closed on a big deal for advertising on many of my blogs.

All of this happened within a week of the healing session!

I was so buzzed with good energy and wanted to give back to Amy, so I bought her mp3 - a money reiki healing meditation available here. And if you're on Twitter, you can connect with Amy @allaboutenergy.

If you'd like to learn more about Reiki, check out these books at Amazon.

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KareAnderson said...

What a captivating post. I clicked on 3 links in it and thought because of your highly curious mind and interest in happiness that this might interest you

Rob - Former Fat Guy said...

very cool. Just connected with Amy myself (on twitter). I'm @formerfatguy btw. I LOVE the cat pictures. very cool lol.

Maria Palma said...

Hi Kare,

Thanks for sharing the link!


Amy does spread good vibes...so glad to have connected with her.

Thanks for stopping by!

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