The Power of Intention and Attracting Abundance

It was almost four years ago that I recommended reading The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer. This book and other books by Dr. Dyer have been instrumental to my personal development and life philosophies.

I came across this clip of Wayne Dyer's presentation on YouTube - the PBS special that I "happened to come across" that began my journey to abundance. Watch the first 10 minutes...(Email readers will have to click here to watch the video)

It's amazing how much more powerful you become when you intend to do something versus wanting to do something or attract something. Even the process of saying aloud "I intend to...." is very different from saying, "I want to..." Try it and feel the difference in the energy behind the words!

So if it's abundance that you want to attract into your life, create an intention to do so. Instead of saying, "I wish to attract abundance" or "I want to attract abundance", say "I intend to attract abundance!"

By the way, Wayne Dyer has a new film called Ambition To Meaning. Find out more about it by visiting:

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