What Is Success?

Success Quote by Bill Cosby"Success is discovering who you are..."

This is what Rob Cooke says in this excellent post titled "You Are Success" over at his blog, Neural Recon Report.

I was pretty moved by what Rob shared because for so many years I chased the idea of success thinking that it was a destination to be arrived at. My idea of success was very typical: Good-paying career, college degree, house with the white picket fence, nice car, and the whole nine.

I love when Rob says this:
"To succeed is to remember what it is that is held deep within you, what you were born with and are here to share. By discovering your uniqueness and expression of it, you have success because your whole way of being will be in alignment with who you are and there will be no resistance to what is because you will be who you truly are and therefore want to be."
I think that many people try too hard to fit into society's definition of success or rather, they try to be something they're not. Success is staying true to yourself.

Truth is, everyone has a definition of success. Those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile may recall my theory of success which I shared three years ago. I would say that those thoughts still ring true today.

I love Bill Strickland's idea of success:
Success is something you assemble from components you discover in your soul and your imagination. Authentic success, the kind of success that will enrich your life and enlarge your spirit, the only kind of success that matters, comes from knowing and trusting the deepest aspirations of your heart.
I'm not here to judge people who think that having money and material abundance means success. I just think it gets to the point where chasing this money becomes an obsession - meanwhile you lose your sense of self. You then start thinking that people who have less than you are less of a person.

What are your thoughts on success?

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