Less Stuff, More Meaning

Bubble in the Grass

We are living in a time marked by constant news of the recession, corporate lay-offs, and seemingly never-ending talk about how "times are tough".

Part of the reason many people are experiencing tough times is because they tried to keep up the Jones' and didn't live within their means.

Not too long ago Oprah aired a show that featured families who had overextended themselves and now were living in a deep hole full of debt and despair. One family was spending in excess of $400 a week eating out! Oprah challenged all of the families to go one week without spending money.

Of course, this was a huge challenge for the families who were used to a certain lifestyle! One family actually sat down and had dinner together...for the first time in two years.

My fiance and I had a conversation today about lottery winners and how many of them end up broke not too long after the windfall. What I've learned is that if you go through your whole life not having anything and all of a sudden you have all this money...You end up going crazy wanting to buy up everything in sight. Also, if your life doesn't feel very meaningful, you just use all the "stuff" to fill the void you have in your life.

Having a prosperity mindset is fundamental to having and keeping the abundance flowing into your life.

When you have a prosperity mindset, you're perfectly ok with what you have. You don't feel the need to look better or have a better car than your neighbor. You see abundance in everything; even the green grass around you is considered abundance.

When you have a prosperity mindset, you find meaning in your relationships and the work that you do.

When you have a prosperity mindset, you know that abundance is always available to you. You are open-minded and allow that abundance to flow into your life.

Awhile back I shared a couple ideas on how you can create a prosperity mindset. Nowadays I've been using a combination of subliminal wealth videos and mp3 wealth meditations to embed affirmations into my subconscious which have really worked for me. Subliminal messages are very effective because your "thinking mind" doesn't resist these messages. For example, if you say to yourself, "I am rich", oftentimes your conscious mind will reply with, "Yeah, right! You're not rich! Look at your bank account!" With subliminal messages, they go straight to my subconscious without any resistance from the nay-saying conscious mind.

What are you doing to create a prosperity mindset? Do you have more meaning in your life versus more "stuff"?

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