$5K Per Day Video Review: The Power of Subliminal Messages to Attract Money and Wealth

Million dollar bill
If you're looking for a way to attract wealth and money, I'm going to share with you a video to help you out...

I've written quite a few posts about how to attract money (see "Related Posts" below). I recommend reading those posts as they're part of the recipe for money-making success. However, one technique that is really working for me now is watching subliminal wealth videos. I briefly mentioned this technique in a past post, Less Stuff, More Meaning, but I'd like to delve deeper into the power of subliminal messages and how they work. I'm also going to review the $5K Per Day video that I've been watching these past few months.

The Power of Subliminal Messages

In the context of attracting wealth, subliminal messages are positive wealth or money affirmations that are flashed on a screen at a very high speed. These messages cannot be read by the eyes, but they're registered and understood by your subconscious mind.

Read more about subliminal messages at Wikipedia...

Here is an article that talks about the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind if you're unclear about how these two areas of the mind work.

The $5K Per Day Video

I've come across this $5K Per Day video many times in the past and finally I took it as a sign that I should go ahead and purchase it. I'll admit that even I was a tiny bit skeptical even though I like to maintain an open mind about everything.

I started watching the video twice a day - 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. When I'm watching this subliminal wealth video, my mind is relaxed and I'm simply staring at different pictures that represent money and living the good life. The video is similar to a virtual vision board except that they include these subliminal messages which flash rapidly across the screen.

The results of watching the $5K Per Day subliminal wealth video have been amazing. Here is how my money vibrations have changed so far:
  • I no longer have to advertise my writing or blogging services. Clients are contacting me out of the blue to write web content for them. All of these new clients discovered a blog or article I've written and like my work.
  • Current clients are giving me work on a more consistent basis.
  • My passive income has doubled or tripled! As some of you know I own many blogs. Well, advertising revenue has increased every month and I'm making even more money via the various affiliate programs I'm associated with.
  • I received a tip from a friend that is going speed up the process of getting my ebook published and get me closer to attracting more passive income.
  • Another friend came up with an awesome idea for a social networking website and asked me to partner with her on the project. Get a sneak peek by visiting: www.eworldbarter.com.
Although I'm not making $5K a day (yet!), I can sense that I'm on the path that will get me there. In fact, during a recent trip to the bookstore, I was browsing through the book, Inspired Marketing, and this $1 million dollar bill (pictured at the top of this page) fell out of the book!

In a couple months I'll post an update on my progress of attracting money as a result of watching this video. In the meantime, check out the subliminal wealth video for yourself and sign up for a free sample.

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Anonymous said...

I have been watching the 5k for about 4 weeks and i got a loan for 12k through my mother. So maybe it does work. I also won a raffle for a $15 dinner.

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