Tips To Get the Most Out of Your Vision Board

Vision Board Tips

I know that many of you have subscribed to this blog after reading the post about my vision board/book sample, so I thought I'd share these tips from the makers of the Vision Board software on how to get the most out of your vision board...
"We live in a world in which we often look at each other for inspiration and tend to follow the general consensus in many ways. Even our Vision Board may have things on it that consciously or subconsciously are inspired by our partner, children or by social norms. However, if you truly wish to create the life that you love and dream about it is crucial to define YOUR unique goals and dreams. These are totally personal and your visualization therefore needs to be as specific as your fingerprint! Make sure to avoid being influenced by anyone telling you what you should be dreaming about, or what car or partner you should desire. Stay away from dream stealer’s and nurture your OWN goals and dreams, whatever they may be. Whatever you visualize with intent and strong desire, will manifest in your life! So on your Vision Board, make sure to only visualize the dreams that are important to YOU. Dreams that make YOU feel totally excited and tingly warm just thinking about achieving them, as that is what will attract them into your life.."
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