Law of Attraction: Is Action Necessary?

Law of Attraction Quote by Lester Levenson

A post I wrote earlier (see "How the Law of Attraction Works For Me") has garnered some interesting comments....

Bill Perry said something that got me thinking:
"It's not absolutely necessary for there to be ACTION. Most discussion of LoA says that you can't just sit around and visualize.

I must disagree.

I have manifested plenty without taking action. I just think that the reason most people need action to manifest stuff is that they BELIEVE that's how it must be..."
After much thought, I have to say that I agree. If you believe that action is necessary to manifest your desires, then that's how things will show up for you. If you believe that things will come to you easily and effortlessly, then that's how it will happen.

I started looking back at some of the things that have shown up in my life - especially money. There have been many times when money has shown up unexpectedly after visualizing and saying affirmations. I didn't have to take any special action to acquire the money. Sometimes the money will show in the form of a commission(s) through an affiliate program or I'll receive a donation from someone who wanted to show their support for my blog.

One of my favorite affirmations is, "Money flows to me easily and effortlessly." At night before I go to bed and in the morning when I wake up I repeat this affirmation for a couple minutes or so.

Kathy Hadley also shared her thoughts about taking action:
"I always tell people, IF action is required, you will be inspired, which I think is what she is saying here, too.

Abraham says "no amount of action will make up for being out of alignment with your desire."

However, if you truly believe it will take action, of courses it will. "YOU are always right."

Meaning the person is always "right" for them, even in their wrongness as we all create our own universes based on our beliefs, intention, attention and emotions. They may not be "right" for anyone else but they will attract everything to "prove" their "rightness". They must. It is the LOA at work!"
Here's another perspective offered by Jimmy Roos in "Law of Attraction - How Much Action is Needed?"

What are your thoughts? Do you think action is necessary to manifest your desires?

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