Law of Attraction and Taking Care of Yourself

Many people are going through some very challenging times right now. I've been spending time with close friends who are either having issues with personal relationships or having trouble making ends meet. These friends are familiar with the Law of Attraction and know how it works, but after coaching them with their issues, I've come to realize that even though they have the knowledge about the Law of Attraction, they have yet to put that knowledge into action. They have yet to apply what they've learned.

I'm sure many of you can relate. I know that I've been through this process myself. You know what the Law of Attraction is, but what now?

I think that we're going through a wonderful time right now because many of us are starting to awaken to the possibility of a much more abundant life....THE GOOD LIFE!

One person who has inspired me through this proces of awakening to what I call my "true spirit" is Bob Doyle. If you've been reading this blog for some time, you know who I'm talking about. Bob Doyle is the creator of the Wealth Beyond Reason program and recently he did a one hour free webinar titled, "Taking Care of Yourself During Troubled Times".

In this free webinar Bob talks about the idea of resistance and how it is playing a role in why you are not attracting the life that you want. He also gives you exercises and tools that can apply right now to start overcoming the challenges you are facing.

Click here to listen to this very inspiring webinar...

I'd love to hear your thoughts or stories about how the Law of Attraction is working in your life! If there is a topic you'd like for me to talk about on this blog, please leave a comment.

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Jennifer said...

Much like the friends you spoke of, I have experienced both personal relationship issues and financial setbacks in the past year. It hasn't been easy at all. Getting caught up in the negativity seemed unavoidable, and, understandably, I did fall prey for a while. I am very familiar with the Laws of Attraction, having read "The Secret" and subsequently following similar idealogies in the form of blogs, Facebook pages, daily inspirational and motivational e-mails (which if your reading audience hasn't tapped into, I highly recommend it!). As with anything else, it takes a conscious and deliberate effort to embrace each day with positivity and the mindset that you really ARE in control of your own destiny. It takes opening yourself up to the FACT that there are endless possibilities and that what you put out there, you get back. I chose at some point to see my lay-off as the cloth that wiped my slate clean. I spent some time with myself really looking deep within to try to find what I really wanted: out of my life, out of my relationships, out of my career and out of my future. The answers came clearly for some, and manifested in other ways for others. Now, this is not a "miracle ending" story, it's still a work in progress - but since September of last year I've enrolled in online courses to pursue my BA in Psychology, I've started my own Specialty Cake & Personal Chef business, I've maintained a level of health that I thought unattainable at one point and my marriage is 100% stronger today than this time last year. On the downside, a lot of my other relationships changed drastically or dissolved completely. It was painful at first, but the saying "Misery loves company" is very true, and the miserable don't take kindly to the fact that you are seeking company of another caliber. I wake up each day and try to govern my thoughts and actions by the affirmation, "I will be the best person I can be today." I love my Notes from the Universe, my Daily Inspiration & Daily Motivation that greet me cheerily from my inbox every morning. And I spend quality time with my vision board every moment I can. It does work, people. What have you got to lose?
~ Jennifer

Jennifer said...

*Something I'd like to add . . . Instead of telling people I'm filing my nails or getting ready to go to lunch (okay, I'm guilty of that sometimes!) I share my inspirational quote of the day with all of my friends on Facebook and I always post my Daily Motivation in a note for those who choose to read it. I don't do it for the "drama" effect, but I always smile when I get the thumbs up "Like This" or even the occasional comment asking me how I knew that's exactly what they needed today. If that's not proof positive that what you put out there come back to you, I don't know what is . . .

Maria Palma said...

Hi Jennifer!

Thanks so much for sharing your story. It's so inspiring to hear success stories from other people.

I agree that daily inspiration and motivational emails really helps. I subscribe to Notes From the Universe as well, and I have quite a few people on Facebook who have good energy and share inspirational thoughts for the day.

It's so nice to "connect" with you. I've visited your website and love that you're following your passion ;)

Darren Turner said...

Hi Jennifer,

The law of attraction is working great for us. Maybe you'd like to review our experiment of turning £10 into £1million. The law of attraction is helping with each step.

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