Why Labels Block Your Happiness

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The other day a friend and I were talking about Sarah Palin's interview with Oprah.

"Oh, don't tell me that you actually like her now," my friend said.

I replied, "Let's just say that I can understand Sarah Palin's perspective. I have more compassion for her and have a new-found respect for her."

According to my friend, the Republican party is screwed up. But I don't want this post to be about politics. I just want to let you know where my friend is coming from...

I went on to talk about how we're all so caught up with labels. My friend is a "Democrat" and Sarah Palin is a "Republican".

Why can't we just see each other as just magnificent human beings?

When we attach labels to ourselves, we get boxed into a set of rules. Now we're supposed to act according to that label. If we don't, then we've failed.

Steve Pavlina wrote an interesting post about label-free relationships that coincides with some of my thoughts. I would hasten to say that many people out there are unhappy because of what we expect from other people. We expect someone to act a certain way because they are a "girlfriend" or "husband". We want people to do things for us because they're just supposed to or they "owe" us.

I call myself a "writer", but even that label has its own set of rules. I'm supposed to put commas and capitalize letters in sentences...I'm supposed to come up with profound things to say and I should be able to express myself clearly.

I love what Joanna Young says in her post, Peel Off the Labels to Give Yourself Space:
"The labels you’re given, or that you learn to apply to yourself, can hold you back. Limit your sense of what is possible.

Peeling off those labels, and replacing them with words that create space, opportunity, and possibility can be a powerful thing."

When you let go of the labels, you're free to just follow your passions without judgement. You don't have to do something because you're a "this" or "that". You live life with freedom. You feel more energized. You're in the flow....and you're happier.

Because in the end, all we want to be is happy, right?

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Mitch said...

Very inspiring. Peeling off the label will lead us to happiness. Very true. Love your post. I wish you well in all your online endeavors. Thanks.

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