Your Calling in Life: What Are You Meant to Do?

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Although I feel that I'm on the right path and living my purpose, sometimes I still ask myself, "Am I doing what I'm meant to be doing?"

Do you find yourself asking the same question?

As I was making greeting cards the other day, I started wondering whether or not this is what I should be doing. Then I started to think about how greeting cards could inspire people. I've learned that I feel very inspired when I can add value to other people's lives. As soon as I started thinking about inspiring people, I started noticing all the different materials like stickers, papers, and cardboard cutouts that had inspirational messages on them. It was the Law of Attraction sending me all those things that were literally buried at the bottom of my scrapbooking materials that I had forgotten about.

Suddenly I felt this surge of energy flow through me and I became wrapped up in the moment. Those thoughts about whether or not I was meant to be doing this flew out the window.

In his book, Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling, Wayne Dyer says that being at peace and living passionately inspires others. Re-reading this book helped to remind me that no matter what I am doing - as long as I'm at peace and living passionately - that is what I'm meant to be doing.

As I write this post I'm very much at peace. I feel very passionate in inspiring people to follow their dreams and live their life with passion.

How about you? Are you at peace in your life's work or mission?

Are you living passionately?

What's that one thing you love to do that gets you wrapped up in the moment?

Finding your calling life is as simple as doing what makes you happy and inspired.  All you have to do is ask The Universe, "What am I meant to do?"  It won't be long before you'll start to attract opportunities to do things that make you feel good and are in alignment with your values in life.  

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