Attract Money by Helping People Solve Their Problems

As we head into a New Year, I know that many of you are wondering, "How can I attract more money and abundance into my life?"

This is the same exact question I asked myself. And wow, the answers and ideas came flooding in!

One thing that came to me was a free ebook, How to Make Your Mind a Money Magnet: The Secret of Never Ending Cash Flow, written by Dr. Robert Anthony.

I'm passing on this free ebook to you...Click here to download the pdf.

In the beginning of the book Dr. Anthony talks about how there are people who think that money and greed are the same thing. Attracting money can be a spiritual practice for you. With money you can help others become more abundant! Did you ever think about that?

Stay Focused
Dr. Anthony's ebook was a great reminder to keep my focus on helping others solve their problems.  This blog has evolved into a medium to help others attract abundance...and we all want more money!  At one of my other blogs, Online Business Resources, I help internet business entrepreneurs become more successful and provide information about starting an online business.

And speaking of helping people solve their problems, another project I started this year is to help people lose weight in a natural and healthy way.  Nowadays we're bombarded with all these diet ads and diet pills to "lose weight fast".  The truth is many of these products and diets are unhealthy ways to lose weight. 

This idea of helping people lose weight has been stirring around in my mind for the past year, but I hesitated because I had this belief that the weight loss niche was so overcrowded.  I kept reading articles where internet marketing experts would say that you it would be "hard to compete" in a popular niche.  Losing weight is one of population's biggest challenges and there are tons of people willing to help you lose weight. 

However, I've decided to get over this limiting belief and challenge myself.  Besides, people's weight loss issues haven't been completely solved yet and I believe that people need to hear the truth about how to lose weight.   If this is something you're interested in, I invite you to check out Weight Loss the Natural Way.

Now it's my turn to challenge you...

What can you do in 2010 to bring more value to people's lives?  What problems can you help solve?  Begin by asking yourself these questions.  Then start to take notice of ideas that come to you.  Perhaps there has been an idea already brewing around in your mind.  Why not take action today?

To Your Success!

P.S. Here are my other thoughts, tools, and techniques on how to attract money.

P.S.S. Click here to participate in Robert Anthony's "Guaranteed Success Experiment" ... and qualify for a 95% discount off of "The Secret of Deliberate Creation" 

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Baker said...

Excellent post. I believe the real wealth is in the value and service you provide others.

Kelly J Daniel said...

Word. Dr. Anthony's ebook is awesome and spot-on. It helped me understand more and motivated me to get my own stuff out there. For other fans of his, google "The New Wealth Experience" because he and a bunch of other thought leaders were interviewed and you can listen to all those calls. This world is truly shifting. :)

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