Happiness Is Now: Thought of the Week From Hale Dwoskin

Today I received an email from Hale Dwoskin, the President of Sedona Training Associates, and wanted to pass on the message to you...
"Joy is your natural state of being. But many of us tend to postpone or delay living our joy until sometime in the future (“When I have more money…,” “When I´m on vacation…,” “When the kids are out of the house…”).

Or we want to save our joy to reward ourselves only when we feel we really deserve it (“After I complete this big project…,” “When I get that promotion…,” “After I clean the house…”)

The truth is that planned joy is often not as joyful as we anticipate. And unlived joy is simply a tragedy on the screen of your life."

Stop waiting around for circumstances to change in order to be happy. Happiness can start right now!

One of the things I do to bring good vibes into my life is to watch inspirational videos on YouTube. Here's a video I came across today that helped raise my vibrations. Hopefully it can help you out.

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