The Law of Attraction and Your Feelings About Attracting Money

Money & AbundanceThis is a guest post by Gabriel Gibson...

Let's clear something up right now. Money is only one form of abundance, and is only a small part of the entire picture.

However, in the realm of modern society it plays a big role in how smoothly one's life will tend to operate. Money can serve in many capacities and allows for more opportunities for yourself and your loved ones. Money will help you to bless people, to free up your time, and to powerfully contribute to the causes that move your soul.

A life of prosperity is not so much about all the money and resources someone receives. It is more about a feeling, and how you feel about what you have already been given.

This is an absolutely key point when it comes to using the Law of Attraction to attract money. You must feel good about what you already have. If you do not feel grateful what you have, you will limit yourself, your joy, and your development in receiving more.

The practice then becomes learning to be grateful for what you have, and training your mind to experience genuine feelings of abundance and prosperity in your life as it stands now. The question becomes how will you shift your feelings about money so that you are able to receive and contain vast amounts of it, never have to worry about it again, and care for yourself and those you love for the rest of your life?

To begin with you must acknowledge that abundance and well being are a natural part of God and the universe. God and the universe are an infinite storehouse of riches. Anyone who consciously, deliberately and consistently chooses to tune into to the frequency of eternal spirit cannot help but experience this well being within themselves and their lives.

Since you have the ability and right to choose what aspects of the world and life you focus on, learn to see abundance and happiness as a God given gift for being alive.

Using the Law of Attraction to make lots of money is a spiritual practice. It is spiritual in essence because you must step out of the realm of competition that most of the world operates on when it comes to money and step into the realm of absolute and infinite God given abundance. This realm is one that is accessed by your imagination and that contains an endless array of abundance.

You are training yourself to see money as an energetic force rather than some stacks of paper.

You are training yourself to move away from the level of competition where there is a limited supply and tune into the energetic field where there is always enough.

In addition to this, making a lot of money through the Law of Attraction us a spiritual practice because you will need to grow and develop right alongside your bank account. You will need to be someone who not only attracts more money, but also someone who is able to contain it in their life.

"Your money will only grow to the extent that you do." -T. Harv Eker

Operating on the spiritual realm means consistently tuning into the infinite Spirit. You live, breath, think, and move from this place on a consistent basis. From this place where all is a state of abundance and well-being, your life cannot help but to expand accordingly.

Since money is energy, one absolutely vital role that you must play is someone who shares or extends energy. Money will not come and stay with you to any significant degree if you are not extending your inner energy and sharing it with the rest of the world.

You must be willing to offer something of energy for money to be able to flow to you consistently.

That being said, there is only a slight adjustment that must be made within your own consciousness to move you from a place of lack to a place of abundance with money. Instead of getting caught up in specific sums of money that you have to have-simply begin to practice being in an energetic place of "always enough," and by doing so you allow your inner mind to allow avenues of greater abundance and wealth to flow to you.

Gabriel G. Gibson is a Law of Attraction Master Practitioner & Life Coach with educational programs and coaching on living a life by your own design, and applying the Law of Attraction to manifest lives of joy, happiness, and prosperity for his students. Join the newsletter at

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