Law of Attraction Isn't Working or Too Slow?

Do you think that the Law of Attraction isn't working for you? Do you think that manifestations are too slow?

Today I was talking with a loved one and he was talking about how he thinks he should be in a much better place than where he is right now...That what he wants isn't coming fast enough.

I explained to him that he had to "pretend" that he already has everything he could ever want out of life. He had to trick his mind into BELIEVING that he is already successful and abundant.

He said that he had read all the books and watched videos about Law of Attraction, but still, nothing has changed.  Through that conversation alone, you may have figured out that he wasn't in alignment with positive energy. If he really had paid attention to the books and videos and applied what he learned, we wouldn't have even had that conversation.

The last thing I told him before the battery ran out on his phone was, "It's one thing to read all the books and watch the videos. But it's another thing to practice it."  It's funny that the phone cut off at that very moment.  Maybe that's the very exact message that he should have received from the conversation and there was really nothing else to say?

So, I came across this audio/video of Abraham-Hicks which I sent to my loved one after we got off the phone.  Abraham-Hicks talks about how to get your mind back on track when you feel that manifestations are too slow:

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