Are You Open to Possibilities of Attracting Wealth and Abundance?

When you think of wealth and abundance, do you think about how you can achieve it? Are you focused on only one or two ways to attract money?

Maybe you believe that the only way to obtain wealth is to win the lottery or that you have to create and sell a multi-million or billion dollar technology business like Facebook.  Maybe you move to Los Angeles hoping to marry a rich movie star...Whatever the idea, you are so focused on this idea to create wealth that you close yourself off to infinite possibilities.

By opening your mind to all the possibilities to create wealth and abundance, more ideas will come to you and you will begin to take inspired action. Perhaps you may unexpectedly meet someone who could help you achieve your money goals much faster...

Let's say you have an idea for the next best-selling book. You're at the airport waiting for your flight and you're tapping away at your computer working on this book. You're thinking, This is THE book that will make me millions! Well, the gentleman next to you strikes up a conversation with you. But you don't want to bother talking with him, so you politely tell him you're on a deadline and continue tapping away. You are in a writing zone and this book needs to be done!

What you didn't know was that the gentleman who was trying to talk to you is a big-time movie producer who could have helped you turn that book into a screenplay for a movie way before you even finished the book! However, you were so focused on writing this book because you believed that this was your only ticket to financial freedom.  You were closed off to other possibilities.

For more inspiration, I recommend reading this article as well:  Dreams Come True When We Tap Into Infinite Possibilities.

Also, I still haven't read this book by Mike Dooley, but it's received a ton of good reviews: Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams

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Adrian Tan said...

Just to share an opinion.
Age is not a factor with regards to wealth.
Some people achieve wealth when they are still young.
Nevertheless it is never too late be wealthy.
Don't give up.

Best Regards,

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