How to Turn a Financial Crisis into Financial Abundance

Abundance of Money
This is a guest article by Tony Mase...

Not long ago, I received the following question from one of my newsletter subscribers:

"I am facing a financial crisis. I have big issues with money. It is disturbing my mental health and I am not able to focus on my daily life."

"My wife is also panicking and we are constantly fighting. She is having a huge anxiety attack on a daily basis."

"Everything is falling apart. Please help. What should I do?"

Here's my advice...

First, stop thinking and talking about your "financial crisis". Really! The more you think about it and the more you talk about it, the "worse" it's going to get.

Instead, form a clear and definite "vision" of *exactly* what you want your life to look like, financially and otherwise. If it's a "joint vision" you can both agree upon, so much the better. Then, focus your thoughts and speech there from that point on. Again, if you're *both* doing this, so much the better.

Second, treat your personal finances like a business. When a business faces a "financial crisis", they essentially have two choices. One, increase revenue (income). Two, decrease expenses (outgo). Usually they choose some combination of the two. What they don't do, if they want to stay in business anyway, is sit around talking about their "financial crisis". They *DO* something about it!

There are all sorts of ways to make extra money fast if you'll but look for them (you won't "see" them if you're not) and just be eliminating all the financial "waste" in your life, odds are, if you're anything like most folks, you can significantly improve your financial situation without having to "sacrifice" your current lifestyle.

Warning! It's imperative you act from a position of creating financial abundance, *not* from a position of financial lack or scarcity.

Third, have faith. Faith you not only can and will realize your "vision" of what you want, but you *ARE* realizing it *NOW*.

However, I need to warn you, because this is where most folks "drop the ball", as it says in the Book of James:

Faith without works is dead!

All the faith in the world without *action* to back it up will do little, if anything, to improve your financial situation.

Here's the bottom line...

Whatever you focus on tends to expand in your life.

If your thoughts and actions are focused on "financial crisis", that's *exactly* what you'll have in your life..."financial crisis".

Whereas, on the other hand...

If your thoughts and actions are focused on financial abundance, that's *exactly* what you'll have in your abundance.

The choice is yours...

Make it a good one! :-)

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