Remember When You Attracted All That Money?

I've been a fan of Joe Vitale's for quite awhile now. I admire how he's been able to go from being homeless to living "the good life" and pursuing his passions.

In Joe's recent blog post, Remembering Your Future Past, he shares with us a process that he uses to accomplish a goal. It's along the same lines as "acting as if" you've already reached the goal, except that you take it one step further. Now you're going to remember that moment in all its glory and reminisce about it.

Remember when you effortlessly attracted that money you now have?

How did you feel?

What were you wearing that day?

What did you do with the money?

I know that when I do this process, I feel no resistance. There's no feeling of wanting, hoping, or wondering if it will happen. It did happen...and it felt so good!

I agree with Mike Robbins when he said in his article, The Law of Attraction: How to Act 'As If':
"There is a big difference between knowing something and living it."
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