4 Manifestations of Abundance

Abundance of Roma Tomatoes

Yesterday, I talked about tuning into abundance and being more aware of the manifestations of abundance.

Well, today I woke up with the expectation of receiving more abundance in my life. I think that made a huge difference in what did manifest today. I didn't have that feeling of maybe it will happen or maybe it won't. Today I knew that good things were going to come my way.

The first thing I noticed was a group of egrets gathered on the lake outside our house. They're beautiful, tall white birds that look so peaceful just hanging out on the lake. I often see one or two together, but usually no more than two. Today I saw seven of them all at once!

The second sign of abundance came in the way of an email from a client.  The company is a fashion brand and I actually hadn't heard from them in a few months because the owner was overseas working on a new collection.  The work I was doing for them represented a nice chunk of my income, so when the owner was gone, I basically was out of work.

So I get an email from the project manager today telling me that they're done with their latest collection and they want me to help them again.  It's interesting because just about an hour before I got that email I was thinking about that company wondering how everything was going. 

The third abundance manifestation I want to share is this video I came across on YouTube.  I was feeling a little uninspired to write, but this self-hypnosis session for creativity helped to stimulate my mind and gave me a little energy boost...

Today I also decided not to go with a "To Do" list and just go with the flow. I think I may stay with this plan because I felt alot more relaxed and less tense than I have been feeling lately. I'm beginning to trust more that whatever I "need" to do will be brought to mind when it's time to be done. Instead of having this "To Do" list staring at me and not allowing me to focus, I can be in the moment and put all my energy into what is in front of me. So, in essence, I have an abundance of energy now. I didn't realize that this long list of things to do was the reason why I was feeling so out of balance last week.

The more I write about these manifestations of abundance, the more excited I feel about what's ahead for the rest of the week.  How much better can it get?

Stay tuned tomorrow!

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