The Time Abundance Mindset

Big Bear Lake
Big Bear:  A Place Where Time Stands Still

This past weekend I spent most of the time on the couch relaxing and watching basketball games. I felt guilty for about two seconds, but I had to remind myself that I worked all week, so what's two days of doing nothing?!

I really reveled in this relaxation mode...and I thought about all those years that I worked on weekends and how I wished I could just veg out on the couch. Nowadays I could just relax on the couch everyday if I really wanted to.

One of the greatest blessings of being able to work at home is that I can dictate how my time is spent. I really value the time that I have to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want. I can go to the movies during the day and do my work at night...or I can sleep in until noon and start my day at 1 pm.

One of the things I do struggle with is getting into a "Time Abundance Mindset". I have this nagging belief that I never have any time to do everything that I want to do, which leaves me feeling overwhelmed and tired. That ongoing "To Do" list keeps getting longer and longer. I sometimes forget that I have The Universal Manager who can help attract all the help and resources I need to get everything done.

During my session with Stephanie Tran today, she guided me through a visualization exercise in which I thought back to a time when I felt truly joyful, carefree, light, and in the moment. The last time I really experienced that was last year when I took a trip with my fiance to Big Bear. Being around nature and taking in the beautiful scenery was such a wonderful feeling. I felt like time stood still while we were there.  The visualization exercise really helped get me back into that feeling of relaxation and excitement of being free...

I am grateful for articles like The Abundance of Time that remind us that time is indeed limitless...and that we should just enjoy the

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